31 May 2006

I Survived the Weekend

It was busy, as expected. When I turned into the parking lot at work Saturday, though, there was a conspicuous lack of vehicles in the client parking area. While that might seem to be a good thing, I have learned over the years that too few cars can be just as ominous a sign as too many. So I started my shift waiting for the other shoe to drop. I did not have to wait long. Within a couple of hours the phones were ringing off the hook and patients were coming left and right.

By the time I knew what had happened, it was 2AM. I had managed to admit only 4 new patients, but most everything in hospital had potential to be a disaster. I also had a huge pile of records to write up. My 15 hour shift turned into an 18.5 hour shift, mostly because of all the paperwork to be done. When I left Sunday morning, the overnight lull had gone and the two daytime doctors were experiencing pretty much what I'd had to deal with myself the night before.

Monday night, fortunately, was much better. We were nearly filled to capacity, but there were far fewer new cases coming in, and the pace was much more reasonable. It's a good thing, as I had decided to take in my little old man, Poqui, to do a bit of bloodwork.


Poqui is my eldest child and the only one I've known since he was born. He was born on July 5, 1989, in a barn at the horse farm where I was working summers as an undergrad. I brought him home when he was 6 weeks old so that he wouldn't get flattened by an unaware horse, and he's moved around all over with me since. He's showing his age of late, though, and I'm a bit worried that he might have hyperthyroidism. I expect to have an answer on that from the lab when I get to work this evening, but all his other bloodwork was normal, which was both a little surprising and very relieving.

An Embarassment of Riches

Today's mail brought several packages:

- A pair of ringer T's for World Wide Knit in Public Day from Franklin's Cafe Press store. Franklin graciously did a design for our little village of Kittery Point, and I bought one for me and one for David.

- Two pairs of Addi circs purchased on eBay for the purpose of figuring out socks on 2 circs.

- Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury

It made me very happy.

Spinning Stuff

I sat down tonight and finished filling the bobbin I'd started with the icelandic x shetland cross roving. I came to the conclusion that it will probably work best for me as a singles yarn, though I will likely work 2 or 3 strands together in the end. When I test ply it back on itself, the slubs where more of the undercoat fibers are aggregated poof out too much, and I think that if I ply it I'll have a lot of trouble with splitting - more so than if I'm working multiple ends of singles together. Anyway, I wound it off onto David's little niddy (Mine's hiding in a box somewhere) and there are about 204 yds in this little skein.



Norma said...

Glad you survived...and helped others to survive. My best wishes to Poqui.

Sean said...

WOW...what a busy place to work.

I love the yarn! LOVE it.

Been doing some spinning myself on a drop spindle. May have pictures to post soon!

Susan said...

Hey, Mel. This is unrelated I realize, but I don't know your email. I noticed on Franklin's comments that you're going to Hawaii soon!? That is most exciting. I think there's no finer place on earth. What island(s) will you be visiting? You are SOOOOO lucky!

Hope Poqui is well--he is a most handsome feline.

Cheryl said...

I didn't realize Franklin made a Kittery Point version! Maybe I'll nab one, it looks like the closest I'll get to Portsmouth!

Anonymous said...

This is from Poqui's Gram. He's still a handsome fella.