03 June 2006

Jersey's Where It's At

Well, at least it's where I'm at for the weekend. I spent 6 hours driving in the rain to attend a two day training session with Marty McGee Bennett - David's birthday present to me. I just hope there's an ample indoor space for this, because yesterday's muggy heat has given way to thunderstorms and downpours. Before coming home Sunday, I will be driving a bit further south to pick up Millicent, the weanling girl 'paca that David and I are buying together. Her buddy as a cria was one of David's who is now boarding at the farm in New Hampshire where most of our animals are and where Millicent will be going. Hopefully that will make the move a bit less traumatic for her.

My travel reading is the Jon Kabat-Zinn's first two books - Full Catastrophe Living & Wherever You Go There You Are. They are both books on mindfulness meditation - something I've been interested in learning about for some time and something that I'm hoping might help with some of my pain issues, as I do recognize that stress is a trigger for worsening my pain.

Although I linked to the Amazon listings for the books, I bought both of them through eBay's Half.com site - at a considerable discount from even the Amazon prices. They're sold as used books, but both are in perfect condition.

Now it's off to read a bit before bed. Bonus points to anyone who knows which album the title of this post came from.

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