25 June 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Another week off is over, and in 12 hours I'll be back at work. Only 6 more shifts to go, though, until we leave for Hawai'i. One of those shifts will be the night of July 4th, which I expect to be typical for a holiday (read: hellishly busy). Before I traipse off to bed, though, I thought I'd share a couple of things.

On Friday, an expected package arrived for me in the mail. This was in it.


Of course, there's just one slight problem. I don't have Part One. I had thought that I was ordering Part One, but I guess that's what happens when you place orders in the wee hours of morning. At any rate, I realized the error before this arrived and promptly ordered Part One, as I feel that it will be, well, essential if I wish to actually use Part Two.

So, I can imagine that there are people who will read this and ask, "Why Sanskrit?" The answer to which, of course, is "Why not?" Actually, it's a language I've been interested in for a while - partly from several years of yoga classes and partly because it's a major liturgical language in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It's also a classic language, still used to some extent, and the basis for several languages which are spoken by many millions of people. Plus the Devanagari script is really neat-looking.

The other thing I have to show is this.


Remember this? I decided a few weeks ago to frog it. I was having some issues with the gauge, so I was knitting it too loosely to get the gauge where I thought it was supposed to be and the fabric just had no real structure to it. I actually have yet to rewind that particular ball, so while we were having a Friday night at the movies and watching Rear Window (Summer is when we watch Hitchcock films, says David), I pulled out another ball of the yarn, gauge swatched again, recalculated, and cast on anew.

It remains to be seen if I'll ever actually finish it, but the concept I still very much like. I need to go back and make sure that I won't need to rework the Fair Isle pattern I want to do on the front, actually knit up to the point where I want to do a Fair Isle pattern, etc.

Tonight I spun up some more of the Junior roving and nearly have a full bobbin of it, but I'm fading fast, so it's off to bed for me.


Liz said...

My goodness!

I took Sanskrit for a couple of months, many years ago, and alas got only as far as beign able to make some of the sounds and do the calligraphy for the letters reasonably well. Anyway, I still have "A Sanskrit Reader," which is a collection of ... stuff in Sanskrit that should be readable once you've gotten to some level of something in the language. Email me if you want it - it's been gathering dust for 20 years and I'd dearly like to send it to a home where it'll be properly appreciated.

Sean said...

get some rest! Hope you can get part one soon! LOL you're ambitious! That sounds tough to learn.