20 June 2006

A Song of Praise

I checked the mail before I left for work yesterday, and there was a package from Ted. I had sent him some Madelyn roving a few weeks back, and he sent me back some samples of laceweight yarn that he'd spun - one of pure Madelyn and one of a Madelyn/merino (Max, I believe) blend.

I had been expecting the package, which took 2 1/2 weeks to arrive (Yarn is a threat to Homeland Security, dontcha know). What I did not expect and was very pleasantly surprised to find were a wrist distaff made with a green-blue cotton/silk blend and a postcard with a photo of and pattern for EZ's Gaffer's scarf (a photo of which can be seen by scrolling waaaaay down the page here). The distaff will definitely get some use, and I think I'd like to knit the scarf someday for fun. David thinks it's kind of kinky, though.

As for the samples, all I can say is that Ted gives himself far too little credit. It certainly gives me something to aspire to.


Anonymous said...

The scarf will only be kinky if you pour David into it, as Vogue did with the model.

Of course if you do get him squeezed into the scarf, we expect pictures.

Tallguy said...

That Ted is one accomplished spinner!!

OMG! That Gaffer's scarf is amazing! Yes, you just gotta knit one!