16 January 2013

Deathflake Lopapeysa


It took me almost a year to finally get around to finishing this lopapeysu, but the frustrations along the way were so worth the final product. I had to redo the neck twice, and then I had to go back and completely rip out and redo the first sleeve after I realized it was too narrow. The perils of making it up as you go along, I suppose. Next time I go to Iceland, though, this is definitely going along, if nothing else so I can see what Icelanders make of the pattern. In fact, let's just get a close-up of that yoke.


That's the totally kickass Deathflake motif (Ravelry link) paired with a Viking sword motif of my own design. A more badass lopapeysu you'd be hard-pressed to find.

10 January 2013

A Small Repair

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a hole had opened up on one of my felted wool slippers (Haflingers - I heart them greatly).


Life being what it is, I hadn't gotten around to doing anything about it, but it was bugging me, so this morning I grabbed a ball of Shetland Spindrift and a couple of 2.0mm dpns and...


I also used the opportunity to practice knitting in reverse. I can do it almost (but not quite) as fast as I purl now and saved a little time by not needing to turn. It's a handy skill for working short rows. At any rate, felting up my little patch was a very quick affair, seeing as it's Shetland wool.


Then all it took was a tapestry needle, a length of the Spindrift, and a little whip stitch action, et voilà!