24 July 2010



I took this when we were camping at Hartford Beach State Park with Mike & Sue and their 4 kids, who have grown up so much since we last saw them. This little swarm of damselflies was sprinkled on the grass by the lake's edge like little blue jewels. This one should definitely be embiggened.

21 July 2010



Not something you'd typically expect to see in South Dakota, but there they were. These guys were enjoying themselves in a bit of flooded out marsh alongside Lake Poinsett (that's pronounced PON-sit), which is right here:

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It struck me last night that if I just posted one photo from the trip per day, that would provide me with blog fodder until some time in November. I likely won't do that to you, though. Or will I?

20 July 2010

Double Rainbow

No, not this one.

This was taken from David's Aunt Lila's front yard in Rapid City. About three weeks ago. Because I'm a bad blogger.


06 July 2010

Another South Dakota Postcard

or, My what a big sign you have!


We chanced upon this in Rapid City before catching our flight home. If only the food had been as impressive as the sign. I've taken what would be described down south as a ass of photos and will work on putting together some more coherent posts soon (with luck).

02 July 2010

Greetings from South Dakota!

Just a quickie drive-by post. We're in South Dakota on vacation and visiting with the in-laws. We started in Sioux Falls (way eastern side of the state) and are now just outside Hill City (near Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills). I'll try to post more later, but I thought I'd share this photo I took a few nights ago in Leola, which is the town of about 300 people in north central SD where David's mother's family comes from.


Just for reference, this photo was taken at around 9:30 in the evening. Since Leola is at about 45N latitude and near the western end of the Central time zone, it gets dark really, really late this time of year.