23 June 2006

Just in the Knit of Time

I've been up all night, not at work, but working on cleaning out my home office space. There was a lot of crap to sort through, but the end is in sight. I did take a break, though, to knock out one more hat for Dulaan before I close up the box and send it off today. It's infant-sized and made with the Paton's UpCountry stranded with some Peace Fleece "Baghdad Blue", the proceeds for which are donated to a joint Palestinian/Israeli village. You can read about that endeavour here.


Now I need to get everything boxed and get to the post office before the rain comes. And then maybe I'll get some sleep. Maybe.


Norma said...

What an adorable little hat! Well done, you.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He knits for Mongolians and takes pictures of salads!
I like your style, man

This is Syndey's old neighbor from Columbia!