16 June 2006

No News Is...

Nothing really to report here. It's been a busy, busy night at work - no progress on any knitting projects. I talked to my grandfather Wednesday, and he sounds quite well for someone who just had a heart attack. My mother tells me that my grandmother is also doing quite well, considering all the trouble she's been having this year. As for me, I can turn my head a little bit more, but the neck, he still hurts.

Wednesday actually was a day of good news for David. At the very end of the trade show he made two fairly good sales, and his customer service rep, Mendy, called to tell us that she had just made a huge sale for him. He also has the promise of another sale to someone from the trade show and potential to do some design work for another one of the sellers at the show, so it does at least seem to have paid for itself.

Little Herreshoff continues to do very well, and I continue to await word that Maddy's given birth. And now that I'm caught up on all my paperwork, the phone has begun ringing again. No rest for the weary.

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