09 May 2006

Knit One, Here I Come

Last night was a merciful departure from Saturday's madness - only two patients in hospital and very little coming in. Of course, my theory is that this is only because the entire animal population of southern Maine came through our doors over the weekend, but I'm thankful for the respite, in any event.

When I leave work this morning, I will be making a trip up to Knit One Crochet Too to try to score some Wick. Carol piqued the interest of myself as well as several others on the glbt-knit listserv, so I volunteered to go get some to try it out and report my findings - in the interest of science, naturally. Then it will be off home to see my sweetie, who has finally returned, having spent most of the last two weeks away at shows.


I've had so much else to write about recently that I've neglected to gush over a purchase I made on etsy.com. I'd been looking for nice stitchmarkers for a long time, so I finally sat down and started looking through the vendors on etsy and found what I thought were practically perfect at this store. These are the ones I bought, but she still has some really nice and distinctive stuff, so go check her out.

Also, I probably don't need to talk up Carol's etsy store, as she gets such good press from Franklin & Joe, among others, but she tempted me severely until I could resist no more. I've just bought a big old hank of blue merino worsted. It's blue! It's merino! I. just. couldn't. resist.

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City Wiccan said...

The Chinese stitch markers are awesome!!!