01 May 2006

Mad Dash

I sat down yesterday to see if I could snip out the seams on the weirdly twisted part of TSKP and on the very first snip managed to cut the wrong strand, making a nice hole in one of the pieces. The worst part was that it wasn't even the piece that seemed to be causing the twisting.

So I resigned myself to sitting down and dutifully frantically reknitting all four pieces and rethinking the assembly of this most confounding section. I started last night and finished this evening. Just got everything seamed up and ran it down to my car to hide it before David got home.

And he's just pulled in the drive! Whew!

1 comment:

FiberQat said...

(wipe brow) "Hi honey! What? I wanted to see your beeeyoootiful face! I missed you so much **kiss kiss**. What's in the car? Oh something for the office. How was your day?"