03 May 2006


I just put the finishing touches on TSKP. I'll have to make a run to JoAnn's in the morning to get a box and wrapping paper. I had hoped to get to the nice little stationery store near home yesterday, but I was so busy knitting that there just wasn't time. David leaves in the afternoon, though, for yet another show - 6 days in Denver this time - so I wanted to be able to give him his present before he goes.

There are pictures, but I'm not going to post them until after David's seen TSKP for himself. So far only one other person (my overnight tech)has seen the completed project, and I know she's not telling. There's a remote chance, though, that certain other people (Jennifer) might see the photos here and say too much too soon, so I'm going to continue to keep them top secret just a smidge longer.

I realize that I haven't had much to offer in the way of visuals in the last couple posts, though, so here's the book that TSKP came from (note to Jennifer: Shhhhhhhh, it's a secret!):

David brought me this book back from the TNNA trade show in January. He mentioned two or three times how much he liked this particular pattern - not in a hint, hint kind of way, but more of an off-the-cuff remark - so I decided that it would make a nice birthday present. I really love the patterns in the book. They have a simple elegance that I love and the look of something that's bound to become a treasured family heirloom, or at least a favorite toy - not too polished, but homey, inviting, and very huggable. Of course, the book is not without its drawbacks, as I mentioned before, but I'll elaborate a bit more when I post the photos.


City Wiccan said...

AWWWW . . I wanna make a toy too!! Actually, I've been wanting to make a toy for long time . . . but I want to design it myself.
The ones in this book seem great though!!

knittingboykit said...

another project...will you be at Stitch n Cluck??

Franklin said...

Uh oh. Monkey pattern. Must visit Amazon. Now.