11 May 2006


I'm already up later than I had intended. I'm trying to do a more "normal" sleep schedule this week so I won't be too whacked out on Saturday at NH Sheep & Wool. I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with mamacate & JoVE and some other friends from the glbt-knit listserv.

I visited Knit One Crochet Too's retail storefront yesterday to get some Wick. It was a bit of an adventure, and then we had a bit of farm adventure when the nor'easter hit just after I got home. I will tell that whole long story later.

Today's big news is that I got an ultrasound machine! It's a pretty big investment - rather like buying a car - but I think it'll be a good one and will hopefully pay for itself in the long run. I'll post pics on that later, too.

I've been up booking a hotel room for Friday night and paying a few bills. One check I wrote wasn't a bill but rather to my friend Fudge, who is doing a bit of stash rebistribution. If you're interested in some cormo roving, you should look at her e-bay listing here.

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Anonymous said...

Buying alpacas. Buying ultrasound machine. Sounds like you are well on your way to achieving that dream of yours. Looking forward to seeing you too. I've even washed the car, inside and out, in preparation for our long journey.