27 May 2006

Calor Con Amor

I sat down this evening to listen to the latest episode of Cast On, and Brenda was plugging the Dulaan Project, a button for which is on the right side of this page. It just so happened that I had my latest Dulaan WIP in my lap to work on while I listened. This is the Old Shale scarf in Madelyn handspun I started while on my way to Louisville.

As I'm not an especially fast knitter and as I'm fairly sure I'll end up having to spin up more yarn to get this to a decent length, it probably won't be done to send out in time for this year's shipment, but eventually it will be out there keeping someone warm. It's a fairly basic pattern (probably why it's such a classic), so it progresses along nicely. The only snag I had tonight was when I looked down to see The Monster happily chewing on the yarn. I quickly pulled out the several inches he had managed to get down his throat in a matter of seconds and shooed him away. Fortunately, amateur handspun is very amenable to spit splicing, so breaking off the nearly-swallowed stuff and rejoining the ends was a simple matter.

More Knitting Books!

Today's mail brought Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks and Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. I'm very excited about these and am looking forward to exploring sock-making more.

Holiday from Hell?

This is the beginning of the Memorial Day 3-day weekend, which is the traditional kick-off to the summer tourist season. I get to work two of the three nights - something I'm less than overjoyed about. Holidays are generally some of the busiest for emergency clinics, and the ones that spread out over a long weekend are the worst - especially when the weather's nice. It has been raining a little bit this evening and the foghorn at the lighthouse has been sounding, but it's supposed to clear off by late morning and the rest of the long weekend is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous. For me that means a forecast of non-stop vehicular traumas, dog fights, mauled cats, & porcupine encounters - along with a few scattered bloats and C-sections - with a high probability of heavy patient overflow. It also means bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way to Portland which will require me to leave for work extra early. I can hardly wait.


Norma said...

Hey, who you callin' a bitchin frizzy??? I think I'll try to get sick this weekend just so my vet will have to work all weekend, like you! Enjoy taking care of those disgusting mauled (the only way I like them) cats.


Kiturgy said...

Oy, vey...come by for a drink when it's over!