16 January 2008


To those who have inquired about Tuck, his surgery went very well. It took more time to get the equipment set up than for the actual procedure. He'll probably be the tiniest bit sore for a few days, but he's eating and seems to be acting pretty normal today.

I actually had an entire post written out last night, but our connection went down and after I got it back up and running, I somehow got sidetracked and forgot to post it. Anyway, I came up with a great alliteration which must not be wasted, especially since my sister will love it (Are you reading this, Little Girl?). After we got home yesterday afternoon, I went to the gym and then stopped by our Positively Piquant Pasta Purveyors® to get some gourmet ravioli, some of which was our dinner last night.

And now it's time to get ready for work. Bai!

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Sydney Ran said...

Are you sure that's not alluderation?