13 January 2008

A Message from Phoebe's Mom

Hi, Dr. Vassey,

I just wanted to give you an update on Phoebe. She came home from Dr. Gauger's clinic last Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008. She seems to be handling rehab in stride, although it's not going as fast as she would like. She does not like her "cone" & finds her kennel a bit boring. I try to keep her preoccupied with her purple Racoon toy, raw hide bones, and her favorite homemade peanutbutter dog biscuits. (I found this recipe on the Bassett Rescue League's newsletter "The Daily Drool"). She loves to lay out on a comforter in the middle of the livingroom floor & get massages from myself or family members several times daily. She wants so badly to climb snowbanks & run. However, my family members & I have kept her pretty distracted so she can abide by her discharge instructions.

It is so wonderful to have her back with us. We all miss Darrin so much. but having Phoebe home has been so healing, especially for Abi, age 6, and Shavonne, age 8.

Phoebe is a" talkative" dog. She has this "sing-song" range where she can sound anywhere like a chihauhua, a beagle, a basset, or a 250 lb. Rotweiller. She uses such a variety of voices to "talk" with us from her kennel in the livingroom. She will be seeing Dr. Gauger this Thursday for her 2 wk post-op visit.

We feel this dog is such a miracle. We want to thank you again for being there that night to care for her. You and your staff are incredible! The care Phoebe received was tremendous! Your wonderful generousity & kindness will never be forgotten. I also want to thank all of your marvelous friends who worked on the fund raising for Phoebe's medical expenses. What an act of kindness! I honestly cannot put all my feelings of gratitude down in words. This act of kindness will help others as well. What an impact!

Abi has been saying since she was 4 yrs old that she wanted to be a doctor who "fixed broken hearts" (e.g. cardiologist). However, since visiting the Emergency Animal Clinic, she now wants to be a vet like you.

Darrin is progressing well. He has such determination to get better. So far they saved the leg. He has a tenacious spirit--kind of like an Airdale on a bear hunt :>) I am so glad! He still has a long rehab in front of him.

I will definitely keep in touch. One of your staff told me about your blog. What a great site! I love to knit, also.

By the way, I could not help myself. I have voiced many times of the wonderful care & phenominal service you & your staff have provided to us to many people.

Darrin, Abi, Shavonne, and Phoebe send their love.

All my best,

Ellyn Smith (Phoebe's mom)


KSee said...

What a wonderful letter. It is so nice to have a Phoebe update & to know Darrin hasn't lost his leg.

Carol said...

Thank you for posting this letter, Mel. It touched me for so many reasons. To hear of Phoebe's progress is wonderful but to get to know her and her family better, and to hear how cherished she is, well, that is priceless.

Well done, my friend.

Sheepish Annie said...

You did good, Dr. Mel! This is just one example of a time you stepped up. Recent events have put me squarely in the "Go Hug A Vet" mode and I think you deserve at least ten years of good karma for all you did for Phoebe.

Relax. I am not waiting outside your door to hug you or anything. I don't feel like putting shoes on right now. But if I did...

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

What an absolutely lovely letter.

Kelley said...

I think it is absolutely awesome what you are able to do for families. At one point in my life I wanted to be a vet as well, but soon found out that I am way too emotional. I can't even read about stories such as Phoebe's without crying...you truly are an amazing person.

When you next speak with or write Mrs. Smith please let her know that all of your readers are sending our love and best wishes for the continued improvement of both Phoebe and Darrin.

knitnzu said...

How wonderful! Maybe Phoebe can visit Darrin? Therapy dog in training??? Thanks for sharing the letter.

Rabbitch said...

Thank you. Y'all done good.

Liz said...

that is perfectly lovely. And good on you! yay! Also glad the dog is doing okay. Also glad your dog is doing...better-ish? not whining through the night?

Hallmark really needs to go for a line of things that say, "congratulations on your dog not keeping you up all night!", "well done not totally blowing it on that first date!", and stuff. Has a future, oui?

FiberQat said...

Thank you for sharing the Smiths' letter. I'm glad that Phoebe and Darrin are improving and the kids still have their playmate and dad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this letter,Mel; and more importantly, thank you for being there for Phoebe and her family. You're a good guy :-)

SoapDoc said...

Thank you, Ellyn for sending the message -- and Mel for posting it!

We're still praying for you and your family, Ellyn.

We hope Darrin will be home with Phoebe and the rest of you very soon!!

Healing Hugs all around :)

Scoutj said...

Sooooo cool. You rock.