17 June 2007

Rockin' Sock

No, not this. Remember this?


This is sock #2 from the merino/nylon sportweight I got from Scout as a birthday present to myself. I was about ¾ of the way through the foot on this one when I set it aside to start the shawl. So now that it's had a nice rest, I pulled it out so I can finish it and have a completed pair on my feet. I also just love this yarn, so it's been nice to have it in my hands again. I can't wait to have it on my feet.

Anyway, today the sock went to Boston with us for our birthday present to each other, viz this concert. And no, I did not knit through the entire thing. The need to shake my groove thang was a bit too great, though the shaking was, without question, rather sedate considering the need to avoid falling over the zip-tie-connected folding chairs. We were there early, though, and I had a while once the gates had opened to sit and knit, which allowed me to get the 12 rounds above the heel done so that I could start the ribbing. A bit more ribbing was completed after we got home while listening to the newest Cast On.

Of course, given the recent good news in Massachusetts, the mood was very celebratory. It was heartening to see so many couples sporting wedding bands. In fact, the couple seated next to us had rings very much along the lines of what we've been looking at. The half of the couple sitting next to me asked early on what I was knitting, so I asked them about their rings in return. They got them in Provincetown, so I guess now David & I will have to make a trip there, since we've never managed to come up with a good excuse to before now.

No photos from the concert, I'm afraid, since we don't have a camera phone and I'm a follow-the-rules kind of person when it comes to risking having my camera confiscated. One very pleasant surprise, though, was this band, whom I had not heard before. The combination of sexy, big gal blues vocals with a driving, stripped down rock beat is just impossible to listen to without moving. If you get a chance to see them, do it. If you hear them and don't at least start tapping a toe, then you are most certainly a zombie. There could be no other explanation.


Sheepish Annie said...

The sock is looking good! I'd forgotten about that in all the shawl excitement...which is odd because it is blue and I usually remember all things blue.

Keep me updated on the zombie situation. You know it is my personal mission to keep everyone prepared in the event of a large-scale attack.

Scoutj said...

Yay! Second sock!

knitnzu said...

Whoa, sounds like a blast! I am such a homebody anymore... So, no ring pics? David at David Brooks in Hallowell has been designing and casting rings...maybe you could check there too? (he's on vacation for a couple weeks) You are very good not letting your single sock sit single for too long!