20 June 2007


I was going to do this last night but got caught up working on the wedding vest motif in Knit Visualizer, and now I need to get ready for work. Anyway, JoVE also wanted to see it, which means more than one other person is interested. Plus, I figure I've shown surgery photos and other gross stuff on here. So here's the fox poo.


Lots of vegetable matter in it, as they are very omnivorous.

And in a somewhat similar vein, here's a keychain my sister-in-law gave me the other day.


Don't see the connection? Well, look what happens when you squeeze the shit out of it.



Laritza said...

I once had a cow that did that!

Sheepish Annie said...

I do love a "theme" post... :)

(not the wedding vest though...that is the polar opposite of poo)

Elemmaciltur said...

I know that pig thing...funny, yes.

But the fox poo? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwe!

knitnzu said...

Now, I did take pics of bear, elk, moose, coyote, petrified pack rat, and any other poo I saw out west. But I didn't post them! Sure looks like an omnivorous poo, but not so much as, say, bear. For the real biogeek maybe I'll learn something photo? You should put a quarter next to it or something! That pig? FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

What a shitty post!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're really taking it to another level over here.

Unknown said...

Is the fox poo really blue, or is it just my monitor?

Blueberries in its omnivorous diet perhaps?

I agree...we also need something in the poo pics to give it size...a finger poking it...a quarter...whatever.

Anonymous said...


FiberQat said...

I think the pig saw the fox poo. Squee!!!

The poo looks blue to me too, but isn't it too early for blueberries?

Unknown said...

I just let my cursor linger over the poo for a couple of seconds and it displays the alternate name of the image...061907scat

How many other dated "scat" pics do you take Dr. Mel?

SaraSkates said...

My kids have been utterly attracted to those pooping farm animal keychains for years. They're pretty funny - although with overuse the fake poo just gets - well, skanky - it hangs on to dust and crap.

Why is it so easy to be extra punny with this topic?

Anonymous said...

so gross it's yummy.


Scoutj said...

Remind me not to eat dinner and read your blog at the same time. ;)