30 June 2007

Vest Swatch

I'm really not trying to be coy with this particular project. It's a very special project, yes, but I'm not one to keep secrets when it comes to my knitting. It's just been moving relatively slowly. I'm now just slightly less than halfway through one pattern repeat on the swatch, but it's starting to take shape enough to be interesting.


You can see in this shot the vertical lines of the steek. I made a 5 stitch steek for this practice run, but for the real item I'll probably go with a 7 stitch steek, just to be sure. I probably won't go with this particular color combination, as it's higher contrast than I really want, but it's a good one for evaluating the stitch pattern. There are also some shaping matters to be worked out for the garment itself, but I wanted to check the stitch pattern first to make sure it's going to work well. It's promising, so far.


pacalaga said...

It looks lovely! I don't know what effect you're going for but I like your practice colors anyway.

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! That is going to be a stunner. I like the colors, but agree that for something as formal as a wedding that a more subtle contrast would give that elegant touch.

knitnzu said...

Nice! Did you see the 'vest for a fiance' in Inger Fredholm's 'Knitting with a Smile'? I can scan a pic and email it to you if you'd like to see 'traditional' colors (though if the colors in the swatch are too contrasty, you will think the same of the ones in her book).

Anonymous said...

I stopped by to say hi and thanks for "visiting" me. Love the vest beginnings .. I'm trying to plan my first stranded/steeked cardigan and I see lots of swatching in my future.

Can't explain why fox poop is more offensive than bear .. is THAT how you found me?