29 June 2007

समर्टईम ब्लाह (Summertime Blah)

Not a great deal to write about this week. Work has been worklike and busy, as is usually the case in summer. It's been hot, but is supposed to be much nicer today. A little knitting has been getting done, albeit slowly. To prove it, here's a photo of Scout sock #2 with the leg halfway done - 35 more rounds of 2x2 rib to go and I can finally wear them. I'm just a bit tired of doing ribbing already, so the only motivation at the moment is that I love the yarn and want to be able to wear it.


Progress on the vest swatch continues slowly, too, and I'm currently still only 12 rounds into the 36 round repeat. When it's actually at a point where it'll look like something to someone other than me, I'll share a photo.

Oh, and in case you haven't clued in, I've been making progress learning Devanagari (Hindi) script. Not the language so much yet, but doing fairly well with the writing. If you can read the title and it doesn't look right to you (given allowances for the possible variations of phonetic interpretation, of course), then it's a problem with your browser and not my typing. I'm doing this in Firefox on a Windows machine at work, and it looks okay at the moment*, but Firefox actually doesn't always render Indic text very well (especially not on a Mac, which is my biggest beef with Mozilla).

What People Want

For fun I keep an eye on what searches are bringing folks to this blog. I do get quite a number of people stopping by for the Sherman short row tutorial or the generic widdershins. I'm even a fairly popular stop for people looking for "tricot machine lyrics", but in the past day I've had a search for "fox poo" and one overnight for "mouse poo in house". Who knew there was such interest?

*Actually, it looked okay until I hit publish. In the published version, it looks like hell in Firefox. IE renders it fine, as will Safari, I expect.


Sheepish Annie said...

Looks good from my screen. I can't read it...but it looks good. Now the sock, that I can "read." Looks great!

Can you do a sock that incorporates Hindi script? That'd be sorta cool!

Anonymous said...

Firefox on the Mac is just giving me a row of question marks. Sounds like an interesting challenge though.

Anonymous said...

35 rounds of 2x2 rib would take me weeks to finish; it's just so boring! The sock itself is not boring at all, though; it's actually very nice!

It feels like fall today! I was kind of enjoying our little heat wave :(

Anonymous said...

The "fox poo" was probably me since I wanted to use the link to that entry in my blog. I can assure you, I have no particular interest in fox poo. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I get several hits a day from people searching for information on mouse poop, mouse poison, "poop that looks like sprinkles" . . . Apparently mice pooping in the house is a widespread problem.

knitnzu said...

OK, gotta go check out cheryl! How do you all know how folks are finding you? So much to learn... Somebody recently put up a link to all the things you ever wanted to know about blogs, maybe it's in there. Your sock looks great! And I know from nothing, but the text looks like hindi to me.

Anonymous said...

That's a sharp looking sock. I really want to learn that short row heel with wraps. You were kind enough to post that tutorial a while back, but I really think this is a case where I need to have some hands-on instruction. I can't quite seem to get the knack when I read how to do it.