11 June 2006


It was yesterday. I did knit in public. Eventually. I was even wearing the t-shirt I'd bought from Franklin's shop. But it was after midnight at a hotel in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Or maybe it's Marlborough. They can't seem to make up their minds how to spell this town's name.

David's got a vendor booth at an apparel trade show here this weekend, and as it's my weekend off, I've followed him down - officially to be his assistant, but really so we don't have to spend five days apart. I tried dutifully going to sleep last night so I could get up bright and early, but my body was having none of that. It wasn't my bedtime, no matter if I'd only gotten five hours' sleep after work.

So I decided to get up, and since David did need to sleep, I took my knitting down to the hotel lobby & found a sofa to plop myself down on. As it was nearly 2AM, the hotel's bar was just about to close, evicting a group of boisterous folks who moved themselves to a pair of tables right next to where I was sitting. I wasn't particularly keen on listening to a bunch of drunk straight people, but their conversation was actually amusing to listen to and included such topics as same-sex marriage (They even knew that Massachusetts has same-sex marrriage and Vermont has civil unions) and Brokeback Mountain (aside from the standard straight guy expressions of shock, generally positive reviews).

It turned out that they were part of a wedding party. It also turned out that they had ordered a few too many vodka & cranberry juices, so the groom came over and offered me one, which I accepted with a congratulations on their nuptials. The bride, it turns out, is a South Carolina native like me. They asked what I was knitting, and we chatted for a bit - pleasant folks. I then returned to my knitting and continued to knit until after their little party had petered out. I finally came back to the room for another go at sleep and was eventually successful, but I was not able to get up bright and early.

So now it's off to get a bit of breakfast and head next door to the trade center to see what sort of oddities await (David promises me that there's a lot of scary apparel to be seen).


Norma said...

Well, at least you got a vodka & cranberry juice out of the deal. Sweet.

Elemmaciltur said...

Where's the proof of your KIPing??!!!