12 March 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

I got home from SC a little past noon today, having apparently picked up a virus while visiting my grandmother at the hospital. She was sick with it yesterday and was better today, so I'm expecting it to be short-lived. Fortunately, they were able to find someone to cover my shift at work tonight, which gave me a chance to sleep off some of the nausea and chills.

The visit was as nice as could be, considering I spent 4 days sitting in a hospital room. My grandmother was happy to have me there, though, and I was glad I could just be there for her. The hope was that she'd be moved to a nursing facility for rehab, but she had another severe arrhythmia episode on Thursday that delayed things further until they could try to sort out meds better. They've rescheduled signing all the paperwork for tomorrow, so hopefully things will go through soon.

I also got to spend a bit of time with my sister and her kids and even managed to get a few pics of the girls. They're both cuties, but Mary is definitely transitioning into her difficult four year old phase. "Terrible twos" is popular because of its alliterative appeal, but I think four is a much more contentious age, as kids seem to develop a much stronger (and more assertive) sense of self around that time. Alison actually has a fairly sunny disposition at two, which is nice, as she's always seemed to have a well developed sense of Schadenfreude (especially as concerns her sister).

No knitting today, as I've not felt particularly up to it. I got quite a bit done on TSKP on my trip, though. I'm on piece 8 of 19 now, which is the last of the big pieces, so I expect I'll finish it up in fairly short order (except for all the seaming, which I'm kind of dreading). I'm keeping it hidden until I head back to work, since I can't risk David seeing it yet.

At the moment, David is upstairs watching "Alexander". I managed a few minutes of it, but it wore thin pretty quickly. Apparently, Alexander came from the Irish section of Macedon. Everyone was also, apparently, very hard of hearing in 330BCE, as there's an inordinate amount of shouting going on. What got me, though, was the scene in the harem at Babylon, where they made a point of showing one of the concubines holding a persian cat - just so the audience would remember that it's taking place in Persia. Uff.


City Wiccan said...

Cute kids! You should teach them to knit. :)

I'm sorry that you are not feeling well! Get better soon!

Mel said...

Once their attention spans are a bit longer, I intend to try to teach both of them - and maybe their mother.

Feeling much better today. It's amazing what 16 hours of sleep will do for you. :-)