14 March 2006

Back on Schedule?

I felt much better today than yesterday. Sleeping 16 out of 24 hours seemed to help, though it's not good for my sleep schedule. Over a week of no gym has also taken its toll. My back and neck have been killing me, but I decided that it was probably more prudent to give myself another day to recuperate before stressing my body. So while David went to the gym this evening, I had a nice hot soak with some aromatherapy oils to relax the tight muscles while I listened to the latest Cast On podcast, which is the first one of Brenda's hiatus. Dave of Chub Creek is funny and did a good job guest-hosting, but he's not Brenda.

Speaking of Brenda, she finally got the great big wedding gift from the gang at the glbt-knit listserv on Friday. It had been about a month since I sent off the giant box of yarn and fiber, so I'd been anxiously waiting to find out what she thought. Fortunately for me - since I'm the one who picked everything out - she loved it. I was a little nervous because she'd mentioned in one of her podcasts how it was nearly impossible for anyone else to pick out just the right color yarn for her. For the most part, I tried to avoid this by picking natural tones and light colors that she could overdye easily, but at the end, when I was trying to make some final decisions, I threw in several hanks of Asti in what she described as "a gorgeous shade of aubergine" and a dozen or so balls of brightly colored Punch!, which I figured she could use for small projects - like, perhaps, a funked-up version of Mrs. Beeton.

Tomorrow, I plan to call and set up an acupuncture appointment. I haven't been needled in over a year, and my back desperately needs it. First, though, I'm getting up early (9AM - early by my standards) to have blood drawn for an HIV test. I haven't had one done since S dumped me, which will be one year ago as of Thursday. I'm not terribly concerned, since part of his job is treating HIV patients and since he's generally so uptight about matters of a sexual nature. However, since he had no apparent hangups about cheating on me and because he lied about pretty much everything else during our 4 1/2 years together, I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

In spite of my early appointment, I decided to make myself stay up so I could try to get back onto my normal vampiric schedule. I sat down at my wheel for a while to work on spinning a bit more Madelyn fleece. The bobbins are filling up slowly but surely, but it's still going to be a bit before I can start plying, I think. And even though I have the weekend off from work, I won't have time to do much spinning. Saturday night is the EqualityMaine banquet, which David signed us up for (International fashion moguls have to go to these sorts of 'dos'.), and Sunday I'm going to be driving to the Upper Hudson Valley for a Monday alpaca seminar at Spruce Ridge Farm. The speakers should be good and the Monday program for veterinarians is free, so it was a must-do event.

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City Wiccan said...

Glad you are feeling better!

I just listened to my first cast-on podcast . . . well, actually my first podcast altogether! It was great! I really like that host!