15 March 2006

Franklin Made Me Do It!

In his latest post, Franklin wrote about iTunes' (apparently somewhat dodgy) algorithm that suggests music for you to buy based on your prior purchases. This got me looking at the iTunes music store, which I hadn't done for a while - my last purchase being 25 February, 2005. Aside from a few notable exceptions (Bobby Brown's My Prerogative?! Are you f*#%ing high?!), for me they seemed to be making suggestions that were a bit less out there than they were for Franklin.

Anyway, I seemed to remember that Warsaw Village Band was finally available on iTunes, so I looked them up and purchased their 2004 album, People's Spring. I plan on going back and buying their 2005 album, Uprooting, later on (after my next payday). I had first heard them on Late Junction over a year ago and their sound just bowled me over. At that time, they were only available through a German website. Since having it shipped from Germany would have more or less doubled the price of the CD, I decided to put off buying it for the time being, and then, of course, my life got really crazy for several months.

I don't understand a thing they're singing. I don't know the first word of Polish, and it's not a language I aspire to learn - 5 genders and 7 cases just doesn't sound like that much fun to me - but the sound this band creates is phenomenal. It just taps into something very primal and speaks to something I think anyone can understand at a visceral level, and the rhythms and the melodies are just so hypnotic and haunting that it's hard not to be drawn in.

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