15 January 2009


Hot off the mittens, I decided to start working a project from Terri Shea's book Selbuvotter. I've had this most excellent book for a while, but I hadn't completed a project from it. So I'm making the Annemor #11 gloves, which I expect I'll send to my sister.

No pictures yet, I'm afraid, since I spent the entire day yesterday in a continuing ed meeting, relying on my knitting and copious quantities of caffeine to keep me awake. I came home and promptly collapsed into a quivering mass so that I could be fresh for work tonight. I'll see if I can't remedy that later on, though.

The meeting yesterday was pretty good and focused on zoonoses, one of my favorite subjects. It's also nice to get to catch up with people I know but don't see often. The funniest/neatest thing that happened, though, is that I overheard one of the industry veterinarians there talking on the phone with a very noticeable southern accent. Whenever I hear a southern voice, I have to ask where they're from, so I said to her, "You're not from around here, are you?"

Turns out she's originally from Alabama, but the funniest bit is that she only lives a mile and a half from me. So I'm thinking that a dinner invite is in order, and since my mother recently brought back provisions from down south, pecan pie will definitely have to be on the dessert menu.


JJ said...

I'm still jealous - I would have loved to go to this topic!

Love This Space said...

One of my favorite subjects too! Especially since I sleep with my dogs and cat. I used to work for a very large, corporate veterinary company creating training material. My last harrah project was around zoonotic diseases and conditions from fleas and ticks.

Sounds strange but I did love my work there!

Sheepish Annie said...

Pecan pie!!!!! There are few pies that give me the downright grins 'n giggles like that one. It's a trial to get my mom to provide them on holidays, but worth the effort.

And when I say, "provide," I mean "purchase." This is the northeast, after all. I'd say you'd be something of a hero if you wandered out of the kitchen with a homemade pecan pie for your new friend!

Carol said...

Zoonoeses! Feh. After 2+ years of Lyme and babesiosis, I have had my fill of zoonoses!

Now pecan pie, on the other hand... yum!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

We had a coworker from Alabama, who says she never had a heavy southern accent, but she surely lost it quickly when she came here. Something about how we (stuck up yanks) think that the accent goes with less intelligence or something. This woman is now in Norway, and she says people are very proud of and hold on to their accents. Yeah, we had the rabies run-in a while back, and I've had a Lyme run-in (even got my bull's eye rash photo'd because the docs in Syracuse at the time had never seen lyme). Fascinating stuff, but I'd rather not experience it first hand.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps serve your pie with some Ben and Jerry's Yes Pecan? On National Pie Day (Jan 23rd)?

Anonymous said...

Yummmy - pecan pie!