27 January 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Okay, so this is the Wasatch Range, but it is part of the Rocky Mountain System. We drove up to Park City last night for a play day before heading home. The drive up - at night, on a twisty mountain freeway, in a heavy snowstorm - was a little tense, to say the least, but we had a nice day.

Since Sundance finished up just before we got here, we only had ski crowds to contend with, and even that wasn't too bad. We were both intrigued, though, when we drove into the heart of Park City and found that they've got a ski lift smack in the middle of everything.


We were also impressed at the fluffiness of the snow...


...and enjoyed the antics of some of the locals.


Then we visited the 2002 Olympic Park, which was practically next door to our hotel. They've got a whole ski museum and 2002 Olympics museum, so I got several photos. On the last one, be sure to embiggen for the middle button.






Tomorrow we head back home, and as interesting as this trip has been, I'll be glad to get back to my little dog.


margene said...

The day you leave the sun comes out. Sounds like you had a good time in any case. Come back soon!

Diane in Chico said...

Some of the most wonderful snow I've ever skied in was Park City, UT. The powder was to die for.

(Of course, that was in a past life.)

Sheepish Annie said...

I've only ever been to Park City in the summer so it is rather cool to see it all winterized like that!

Love This Space said...

Does Utah have large numbers of consumption of bologne like they do Jell-o?

Lisa/knitnzu said...

So you like bologna? Or am I missing something? That whole medicine episode sounds like something I'd do, especially at certain hormonal states of the month...

Molly Bee said...

Gorgeous photos. I miss Mount Katahdin!