17 January 2009



Took me a bit to get this up here, I'll admit, and I've actually completed the ring finger now. I didn't get to sleep during the day yesterday - filled peat pots and started some artichoke and rhubarb seeds, instead - and ended up as a useless blob yesterday evening.

I did, however, get home in the afternoon with a mission. I haven't had a haircut for a few months and was just sick of it - perpetual hat head, especially in this cold when I actually have to wear a hat. My hair, when long, just does not know how to behave. And while I have a stylist I really like, I've been having a hard time trying to justify the additional expense when we're supposed to be trimming financial fat.

So out came the clippers, and I set to work. The big challenge, of course, is to get the back blended without taking out any big chunks. Apparently I succeeded reasonably well, since David got home just after I had gotten out of the shower and declared it "pretty good". And while having more hair in winter may sound good in theory, it doesn't really make a difference when the crown is thinning and a hat is necessary anyway. At least now I don't have to worry about giving the impression of a slightly crazy person.

Not at a distance, anyway.


Sheepish Annie said...

Very nice glove! I've yet to get up the nerve to attempt that, although I know I have the skill set.

I'm ready to give in to the haircut compulsion. My bang-trimming has gone very, very badly. I think I need to wave the white flag and accept defeat. I do not have the skill set for styling. :(

Alwen said...

I've been trying to work my way through a stack of WIP. But I do want to tackle gloves. Yours look great.

Sympathies from a fellow hat-head!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Um... I think that slightly crazy aura comes across whether or not a person is close (and I mean this in the nicest way!). (sure...) (from one slight nut to another). I think shorter hair (even very short) looks better on men who are balding. That super thin hair balding top and ponytail look just doesn't do it for me... Makes me think a guy can't adapt or he's stuck in his youth or he's just clueless or something.

Anonymous said...

I got a very bad haircut last summer, so resorted to buzzing my head with the 1" comb on the Oster clippers. It worked fine, and actually got compliments on the cut over the summer and as it grew out.

The nice thing about hair is that it (usually) grows back, so you can try again, if you have to.

Ditto Lisa's comment about short hair looking better on balding men.

Sean said...

ohhhh...simply beautiful! what's the pattern?

gayle said...

Very nice glove! I just finished Annemor#10 - well, finished except for the weaving of the ends. Which I'll do any day, now. Truly.
Part of me wants to knit my way through the whole book, while the other part is screaming "Are you INSANE?!?"
Seriously, they're fun to knit!

Anonymous said...

You plan rhubarb seeds? What an odd thing to do. We dig up rhubarb and give it to people and we still have more than we can use. Too bad we don't live closer to you.

Anonymous said...

That's a talent! I can't cut my own hair. Even with the clippers I just know I'd end up with a big, hairless gash or stripe somewhere in the back where I couldn't quite see what I was doing.