24 August 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

David is already there for the MAGIC trade show. After I finish tonight's shift at work, I have to run home, pack, hit the ATM, make sure the pet sitter is all ready for the hand-off, and get myself down to Boston to fly out there myself.

The forecast for the coming week: 107, 106, 105, 105, 106, 107; no clouds; overnight lows of around 80 (for the metricals out there, that's around 41, give or take, in the daytime and 27 at night). What's that you say? It's a dry heat? Ah yes, the daytime humidity will be running somewhere between 12% & 17%, which should actually make a huge difference. That 107 high will only feel like a mere 102.

So long as we can get tickets to one of the Cirque du Soleil shows, I suppose I can deal with it. Just wish me luck at the quarter slots!


Elemmaciltur said...

Have fun!

knitnzu said...

Ack... My speedy fingers deleted the comment, must've gotten the word verify wrong. ANYHOW, let us know if 107 in the dry is better than 85 in the humid (a coworker who moved to AZ said it is, I'm not convinced). Not that we in ME would know much about hot and humid given this summer's weather. Hope you had a great time and good luck at the slots.

Anonymous said...

That's my kind of weather; can I come with you?

Have a great time!

JJ said...

That dry heat is still freaking hot. This is what I am leaving forever!!

Have fun in Vegas. Quarter slots are too rich for my blood. Hey, maybe you'll make enough for the house!

Sheepish Annie said...

Dry heat...yeah. It's hot. But everything is air conditioned and why would you need to be outside anyway? All the fun is inside!!! Have a great time!