26 August 2008

Potty Mouths

Okay, so I've overheard two weird cell phone conversations in bathrooms today. Is this a Vegas thing?

First, I went to the bathroom in the convention center this morning and got to listen to a guy who was sitting on the toilet while giving relationship advice very loudly in Spanish. His argument was repetitive but basically along the lines of, "She's a nice girl and all, but her character just doesn't really balance yours so I think you're being with her is a mistake." Just stretch that out for several minutes and imagine it emanating from a bathroom stall.

Then this evening we went out to eat at an Asian fusion sort of restaurant, which was pretty good. At the end of the evening I decided I'd better go pee before we headed back to the hotel, and when I opened the door to the bathroom, it bumped one of the servers, who was standing right behind it talking on his cell phone.

He was apparently talking to a girlfriend (possibly a boyfriend, but my gaydar says not likely), because there was a bit of "I love you" going on. Then he said, "George wants to smoke with us tonight, so we're gonna go pick up a gram somewhere. Did you smoke that other stuff? Okay, I love you."

So, um, yeah. It's an interesting city.


Unknown said...

Vegas is, indeed, unlike any other place. However, the bathroom phone conversation is a nation-wide (world-wide?) phenomenon. It happens all the time in my office building in Pittsburgh. And this isn't just people who ducked into the bathroom to take their call, oh no. This is, "Well, I was already on the phone, and I kind of needed to go, so let me just wander in and drop trou while I'm talking to you."

I do not refrain from flushing while this is going on. The people on the other end of the line deserve to know what a dumbass they're talking to.

Alwen said...

Unfortunately, it seems to be a cell phone thing. Maybe it's something to do with being in a stall, about the right size for a phone booth.

I always flush when people are talking on the phone in the stall next to me.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how much time are you spending in public restrooms?????

knitnzu said...

I first (and last) heard this at the ME DOT. I thought there was some conversation going on between two pee-ers, but no. It was quite clearly a business call. I wanted to walk down the stalls and flush each toilet, but I didn't. I think it is in part something to do with, as my boss calls it, the next generation. Seems like the younger people in our office are always listening to ipods while they work. The whole multi-tasking instant gratification thing (and what can be more instantly gratifying than a good pee).

Anonymous said...