10 August 2008

Making Up

Since I've been such a slacker lately and because we actually had nice weather for a change, I thought I'd take a few photos today. It was even a nice enough day that I could do this:


And before anyone says anything, yes, there are some tightie whities on those lines. I'll leave it to you to guess whether they're mine or David's. Of course, because my day starts rather late, some items were still a little damp by the time it was getting dark, so they did end up in the dryer for a short run to finish the job. Still, that's less energy than would have been used otherwise, and I'm very happy the sun obliged.

Also, I've been meaning to get pictures of the cedar waxwing nest in the sumacs in our sideyard. I swear she's been sitting in this same position for the past week.


Can't see her? How about from this angle (biggifying might help, too)?


Lastly, these are some duck eggs I got from Wendy & Paula this evening. The ducks have been laying like crazy, so The Ladies have been more than happy to give us all we'll take off their hands. They're a little different from chicken eggs (bigger, for one thing), but they still made a very tasty omelet for tonight's dinner.



Anonymous said...

It's good to see other people hanging clothes out to dry. That is all I have doing since it got warm out. The only time anything goes in the dryer is if it is raining and someone absolutely has to have something.

Alwen said...

We used to get duck eggs and the occasional turkey egg from a friend when he raised them.

Then he got into pigs! :D

knitnzu said...

Num Num... don't you love all the different egg colors?

Sheepish Annie said...

Duck eggs are much prettier than I thought they'd be...who knew?

Anonymous said...

Those eggs are so pretty!