09 August 2008


I haven't updated in 9 days, which is a bit unusual for me. Partly I think it's the summer doldrums which hit a lot of bloggers, but I've also not had much of interest to blog. I've been working a lot (put in 80+ hours in 8 days), knitting a little on the second Hundertwasser sock (yeah, I finally finished the first one, but no pics as yet), and not too much else aside from the incredibly mundane.

Today it was a bit of handyman stuff while David's off at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City. I filled in a hole in the kitchen mudroom that's been a thoroughfare for mice, bugs, and slugs with some low expansion foam. The "low" part of it is a relative term and I'll be cutting away the excess tomorrow. Aside from that, I planed down the door to the same mudroom so that it'll actually close. It's still a little snug, but it's super humid around these parts at the moment and I figure there'll be shrinkage when things dry out this winter. I also took my Dremel to a cast iron skillet that's been waiting for me to attend to it for a long time. The seasoning was never great and had cracked all to hell, so I had to grind and buff away all the stuff that was still sticking to the metal then reseason it properly. It now has two good coatings on it, and I think I'll add a third tomorrow for good measure.

When I was done, I made myself a caipirinha, which I'd never had before. I used Darren's recipe and was very pleased. The only problem was that I've been running on not quite enough sleep. Plus I just stepped up my gabapentin to the full dose yesterday. So even though I nursed the drink, when I finished I had to take a nap. And then woke up two hours later with a headache, which I still have 6 hours later.

I still plan to try a variation made with peaches (The local supermarket actually had South Carolina peaches!) instead of lime, though. Just not tonight.


knitnzu said...

We have lots of little things around the house that need doing. And a few big things. I've heard that the ants like that foam, do you know? (one reason I haven't gone gung ho with it in the cellar and on the sill).

Sheepish Annie said...

Any cocktail that makes it to "National Cocktail" status has to be good! I sort of don't really drink anymore...but you never know when the need to start again might arise and that sounds like a good one!