24 August 2008

It Never Fails

I'm in Cleveland at the moment awaiting my connection to Las Vegas. The flight from Boston was loaded with cute boys and fabulosity. Of course, I got stuck sitting next to the old guy with the tropical print shirt and no sense of personal space who was reading the large print version of The Greatest Generation. *sigh*

And the Cleveland airport is full of scary people and smells funny. Prospects for a halfway interesting neighbor on this flight look even grimmer.

Oh well, only 4 more hours 'til the land of whores and poker.


knitnzu said...

Years ago I got stuck in Cleveland, kind of freaked out because it was such a big city... or maybe it was Cincinnati... who knows anymore. And who did I see? My physics TA! He was from someplace else (maybe India or Pakistan) and clearly didn't know what to make of this person 400 miles away from where they should be gabbing with him. Are you planning on visiting the whores? Poker? Or are you just after the slots??? (I really don't expect any answers!)

Danielle said...

"The land of whores and poker." Hah! Have a debaucherous time.