02 April 2007

A Southward Jaunt

What does it say about me that with an entire afternoon in Boston, this is the only photo I managed to take (On Dartmouth at Newbury, in case you were wondering)?


I feel I must point out, though, that David encouraged me to take this one. Is it any wonder I love him?

The trip wasn't all about dead things, though. I did manage to complete the heel on Sock #2 that I've been working on. Gusset finished just as we arrived at South Station, heel turned while we waited for the return bus, and heel completed just before we arrived back at the bus station in Portsmouth, which is pretty much exactly what I expected to accomplish.


I need to get this finished up quickly, as there will soon be sportweight sock yarn from Scout here that will be just begging to be made into socks.

We also made a visit to Woolcott & Co. while we were in Cambridge. Unfortunately, Sean wasn't working (as he had commented, though I kind of figured that would be the case), so we still have not managed to meet in person. I did, however, leave with a skein of Schaefer Yarns Lola and two skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool - one green, one brown.

Of course, the shop staff all thought I was getting the Silky Wool to make a tam, as Sean has so recently done, but I actually got it to go with some other I've had for some time with the intent of making a scarf. I have some leftover grey Silky Tweed from this project and some Silky Wool in red & blue, but I've been concerned that it would end up just a bit too red & blue, so the green and brown should tone it down nicely.

As for the GLBT wedding expo thing that was our initial reason for making the trip, it was small and pretty much what I expected. Which is to say, I can't say I was disappointed because I wasn't really expecting much to begin with. It was good, though, to talk to some of the vendors and get a few ideas - not to mention to figure out how much we can save by not hiring them.


Just to clarify, this is my 38th birthday. I am now in my middle-late-30's - next year will be the late-late-30's. Technically speaking, my 38th year will not be complete until 11:35PM Eastern Time Monday night. But despite being the timespan of a sitcom away from being an April 3rd birth, I have had to endure a lifetime of, "Born a day late, weren't you?" Because, yeah, nobody's ever said that to me before. At least I'm likely to age more slowly than most of the people who said that - a distinct advantage of not looking your age.

Anyway, we will be meeting my parents in Portland and going out for dinner, which will be a lot of fun. Despite the fact that we only live 2½ hours drive from each other, I don't see nearly enough of my folks. They're good people, and I feel very fortunate to have had them as my parents.

And a note to JJ: If you drop by here again, feel free to drop me an e-mail at mel dot vassey at gmail dot com. Since you're at Davis, I'm sure you know my friends Karl & Michael. Do be sure to tell them I said hello.


Elemmaciltur said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Carol said...

Happy birthday, you sweet thing!
I love reading your blog, and I look forward to seeing you again in person at a fiber festival soon.
Many happy returns -- and no dead vermin.

SaraSkates said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mel! 38 is a great year! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a good one!

FiberQat said...

Happy Birthday Mel! You're looking fabulous for someone who's in their late late late late 30's. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mel !!!
Aunt Fran

knitnzu said...

So Mr. Rattus norvegicus (is that a bit of a sac I see) is really lovely. Ahem. When ds was not quite 2 and not talking much, he stooped down (in Rockport MA) with that little sound of a question, pointing, and I thought it was a plant he was looking at (I was teaching him all the latin names for things-he remembers nada, good thing, he'd be kinda warped). WRONG! The kid nearly touched the dead rat before I hauled him back. I laughed about not hiring the vendors! Thanks for the link to woolwich and sean, i'll be back to visit them.

Christine said...

Happy Happy! And I actually had to wipe off my screen on my NEW macbook at your picture. HAH! The one shot? Too funny. Sounds like a lovely trip.

Lovely sock yarn, it's working up beautifully!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Mel!! I didn't forget, either. Boy, 38 years old. Now, David should bake you a llama-shaped cake, no?

Did you buy the moss green Silky Wool? I did the Ran tunic in it and love it. Silky Wool is one of my favorites, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday is simply smashing!! Enjoy!

Scoutj said...

Happy Birthday again! It's in the mail and you should have it by Wednesday! Just wait until you feel it.....sooooooooo nice!