19 April 2007

Comfy Sweater in Full - A Little Late

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get around to getting a full-length photo of this sweater. Maybe it's because I've been too busy wearing it, but I finally wore it in to work and had the hospital manager snap a photo of me to show the entire thing. There's a bit of pilling on the sleeves, which I half expected, but nothing that I really dislike about it. It's comfortable and warm, which were my primary motivations for wearing it, and I've had plenty of opportunity to wear it, courtesy of that no good dirty little liar of a groundhog the late arrival of spring this year (only one crocus blooming so far in my south-facing flower bed!). Anyway, here we go:


Virginia Tech Murders

I don't have much to add to this story. It's a tragedy, pure and simple. Yes, it's possible that it could have been averted, but that's a hindsight judgment that does nothing to change what did happen. Salon.com has a couple articles on the incident that I found interesting.

The first is an argument for repealing the Second Amendment. It's not a bad argument, truth be told, though I will admit to being a bit ambivalent about the idea of messing around with the Constitution. I will also admit to being a gun owner, albeit an antique derringer pistol that belonged to my great-grandfather and that I have no intention of ever firing (I don't even know if ammunition could be found for it, though I assume it could with at least some effort). I think it's a safe assumption, though, that there's no way that the Framers foresaw the day when a lone student could walk into a school building with more firepower than an entire regiment of the Continental Army and wreak such destruction in the space of a few minutes.

The second article is actually a collection of pieces from press in other countries, which I think is often helpful to read. Now if only the policymakers would actually read it.

Yesterday, car bombs in Baghdad killed over 180 people, most of whom were doubtlessly trying to go about the business of their day much as the students of Virginia Tech were. And yet even though those apparently coordinated attacks killed over five times as many people and are part of a war that has now claimed over 3300 American lives and the lives of probably hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, it didn't merit as much attention because we've become numb to the level of that particular horror. And, of course, it happened "over there", which makes it less real to most of us, I think.

It gives one pause.


Anonymous said...

Very good point that tragedies and loss of life "over there" are less horrific to Americans. So many americans feel like we're more entitled to safety and well being than the rest of the world.

Sweater looks great on you, of course!

Carol said...

Great post. You look awesome in the sweater - it's the perfect color for you.

You know, what is so sad is that we don't even have to go to all the trouble of repealing the second amendment. There are plenty of rationales under which we could begin by instituting more control over guns. Not allowing unrestricted sales at gun shows; getting rid of assault rifles; and so on. Even baby steps would be a start.

I also think that the mental health situation is critical. We need more availability to mental health care and less stigma. We also need to figure out a way to address the sticky issue of what you do when someone is clearly mentally ill but not so extremely ill that they can be involuntarily committed under current law. There are so many mentally ill people who fall in that never-never land, with their families and friends having no options to get them help if they refuse. It's frustrating when one of the symptoms of many mental illnesses is denial that something's wrong or paranoia about treatment.

Molly Bee said...

I love the sweater! It looks great on you and comfortable too! Since you're in Maine, it needs to be warm AND waterproof these days! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think your comparison is apt. What many people are missing in their comments on this (especially the moms) is that it is newsworthy precisely because it happens so rarely. When is the last university/college shooting you remember? I can think of two -- Dawson College (which is really more high school level but we won't get into the Québec education system now) last September. Polytechnic de Montréal ... my goodness, that was a long time ago. Was it before I went to England?

And I think that is what makes the hindsight and the concerns about procedures for dealing with it a bit odd. It is so rare, I'm not sure what the value of being prepared for it is over other kinds of things that campuses could be doing. Still tragic.

The sweater is great. I made a Manos sweater that pills a bit but it doesn't keep me from wearing what is a comfy and warm sweater.

Sheepish Annie said...

Great lookin' sweater!!! I can imagine that it has seen a great deal of wear lately given the weather conditions. Speaking of which, there seems to be a big ball of fire in the sky today...what the heck is that???

Anonymous said...

Your post certainly does give one something to think about.

I love your sweater; it looks very comfy.

I was wondering the same thing as the Sheep about that bright light in the sky!

Christine said...

Beautiful sweater, that color really does look great on you.

I was sitting at a restaurant when cnn broke the story of the six bombings and all those people died. Then almost instantly back to talk to someone who knew someone who knew the shooter years ago rehash the same story. It struck me as strange that all those lives didn't rate the tv time because they were "over there". Your post was very well written on the feelings of all that.

knitnzu said...

Of course it's 'less real', most of us Americans have our head in the sand (not to take away from the VT incident, it was tragic). Do you remember when images of the dead first came onto tv news? I saw a news photo display at the MOMA in SF in the early 90's and an image of a large bloody spot got me; shortly thereafter I noticed that dead people were televised on the news, it was pretty horrible (or maybe it was because I was without a tv for a decade). Now, like you said, we're all pretty numb. Lovely sweater!

Norma said...

Great-looking sweater, but you look quite perturbed in the photo. Heh.

I agree with all you said about the school tragedies, the numbers and the "numbed to over there" aspect. Also, the hindsight. There just is no way to prevent this kind of thing. It is going to happen from time to time, and that is the sad truth.

knitnzu said...

Somehow I missed your early April posts...I just went looking for that iris pic (referred KnitMainea to it)... Is that kilt hose book FABULOUS??? I went looking for it and saw that it was very expensive, so it went on hold for me...ack! I just checked the link...$15? I'm going to get that!