04 April 2007

À Vos Aiguilles!

I stopped by the post office before I headed to work this evening to pick up the Tricot Machine CD, since they required my signature to release it.

I love, love, love it.

Here are the lyrics for the first track - Introduction au Tricot Machine:

Savez-vous tricoter?
À vos aiguilles!

À l'endroit/À l'envers
Tricoter sur le gros nerf

À l'envers/À l'endroit
Une maille à la fois

À l'endroit/À l'envers
Une maille de travers

À l'envers/À l'endroit

Anyone care to give a translation? I get the gist of it, but I don't know that I could do it justice. Lee Ann? Spiff? The rest of the tracks don't have knitting references that I noticed, but the music is really wonderful. And as Lee Ann mentioned, très quebecois.

This Just In

I've been interviewed tonight by two of the local stations about that animal abandonment case I mentioned the other day. I believe one is going to air this evening; I'm not sure about the other one. Anyway, there are brief items about the case here & here. The owner of the animals is being charged with felony animal abuse, which will hopefully lead to a long sentence.


Susan said...

Hey, Mel. Saw you on the news this morning (chanel 13). You were very well spoken. I like that Kate Barker who interviewed you. Whoever mistreated those animals is a total punk. Did they bring in the pony and the goat or just the dogs and cat? What a night it must have been!

knitnzu said...

I get do you know how to knit? Something about a big nerf? Sometimes I watch the french stations around here (there are two-of the 12 we get) to put me in a catatonic state. I pretend that I know what they are saying. But it can't be the dubbed stuff, that business of the mouths not meshing with the sound is really disturbing. ... Sucky reason for you to be on tv...

Anchois said...

"Do you know how to knit?
To your needles!

At the place, backwards
Knit on the big nerve

Backwards, at the spot
One stitch at a time

At the place, backwards
One stitch from the other side

Backwards, at the place"

It sounds a bit awkward but gives you the idea. The other lyrics are all great too, but it's fun to listen to regardless :D

--A random French-Canadian