06 April 2007

I Had to Go and Get Cocky

I'll admit it. I've been feeling a bit smug the past few days about not being sick on my birthday this year. And then I realized that I haven't had my usual winter of one cold after another.

So naturally, I got walloped good with one last night and the snot factory kicked into overdrive. I'm being kept in a relatively functional state by 24 hour Sudafed (for which I had to sign over my eternal soul and give blood, urine, and DNA samples so that Big Brother can save me from turning it into meth in my bathtub).

All I can say is, it's a good thing those TV cameras came around a couple days ago, 'cause I am not fit for mass consumption at the moment. Now if only the crazy drunks would just stop calling.


FiberQat said...

Ew. Hope you get better soon and that David doesn't get it.

I saw your interviews. Very nice and authoritative. But the gal on Ch 13; where did she crawl out of?

knitnzu said...

Eeww indeed! I was kinda nervous reading your post...I'm in the boat you were in before your snot factory went into production. On the edge of it (as I am now, hence the nervy nature) often. At least they haven't made it so we can't even get the pseudephedrine. Run a vaporizer! Get rest! Drink fluids!