02 April 2006

Happy Birthday?

So today I officially moved from my mid-30's to my late 30's. I was hoping that for my birthday I'd get an end to the fever, but no such luck. It did break for a while early this morning, which was nice, but it's crept back up to a low level and stayed there all day. The cough has also been getting worse and more bronchitis-y, so I'll be going to see my physician tomorrow and will probably be forced to reschedule my acupuncture appointment.

The weather was lovely, though, so I fished one of my beach chairs out of the closet and Rosa & I sat out in front of the house in the sun and napped for a little while this afternoon. It's the first time I've been able to do that this year, and it felt so wonderful. Even if once in a while I had to stop napping to cough up a chunk of lung. My friends and family have been calling through the day, too, and while I don't particularly care to have a big fuss made - living another year doesn't generally feel like that huge an accomplishment - it is nice that people remember the day and call.

My mom's shawl is all dry, and now folded until I can get it to her. I did take photos of it unfolded, though, so here's the best one.

I should have done it earlier in the afternoon when the lighting was better, but I was napping in the sun. I did try to take a close-up detail shot, but the camera has a hard time focusing on anything too textural, and I wasn't pleased with the results. In any event, the pattern is the "Garter Lace Triangle" shawl from Martha Waterman's Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls (Interweave). The pattern is very basic and alternates bands of garter stitch with bands of openwork, increasing in the first and last stitch of every right side row. I wanted something that would be beefy and warm, as my parents live in a drafty old farmhouse, so instead of lacy & fine I went with Peace Fleece's "Baghdad Blue" yarn, of which I have a good bit in my stash.


Christopher said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Celtic Knitter said...

Happy Fever . . .err . . Um I mean Birthday!!

The shawl looks awesome . . .that colour is great!!!

WesWhiner said...

Happy Birthday! Get well soon.

Emily knitsib said...

Happy birthday - hope you're feeling better by now. Beautiful colour on that shawl, wish could see the detail better to admire that too, bet your Mum will be pleased. I am glad you at least got some outdoor sun for the day.

mamacate said...

Happy birthday to you! Feel better...sounds like it was a nice spring birthday day despite the yucky bug.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you feel better. It's bad enough being sick but to be sick on your birthday is the worst.

Kevin said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!


Knittingboykit said...

ditto. Blessings for many more. and hope you feel better =)