22 April 2006

A Dremel Is a Beautiful Thing

It was a lovely spring day, though a bit cooler than yesterday's lovely spring day. I missed a fair chunk of it because I couldn't get to sleep worth a damn until well after the sun was up, then slept until well into the afternoon. Rosa, however, managed to spend most of the day outside making the most of the sunshine.

I did, at least, manage to get to the town office before they closed and get her dog license, so now she'll be legal when we go to the beach. Now I just need to get the Frontline I ordered for her, so that at least one of us won't be bringing home ticks from the beach (yesterday it was both of us, from the grassy peninsula between the two crescent-shaped beaches).

Before the daylight faded, I broke out the Dremel to see what I could manage with the mangled Brittany. I ground down the chewed-up tip with a sandpaper drum attachment, then used this buffing attachment to smoothe it out.

Not exactly as good as new, but much better than before and very usable, at least. And the Monster has been watched very, very closely tonight.

1 comment:

Helen said...

Good idea using a Dremel to get the bite marks out!