29 April 2006

Gone Awry

a•wry (ə rī'), adj.
1. In a position that is turned or twisted toward one side; askew.
2. Away from the correct course; amiss.

TSKP is, or at least was, progressing very well. I managed to get most of the seaming done in the wee hours of the morning.


The biggest drawback to the pattern book I'm using is that there are no schematics. The instructions simply tell one to seam all the pieces up, as if it will be perfectly obvious and natural how all the parts are meant to fit together, like pieces of a puzzle.

Puzzling, indeed. Most of the parts are quite easy to sort out and very straightforward, except for perhaps the most important section. There are four main pieces involved in the assembly, with no clear explanation of how they are meant to fit together and only two artistically done photos to use as references. "Artistically done" is the key phrase, as a fairly crucial portion of the assembly is not visible in either photo - cut off in one, and simply not visible in the other, which is also tastefully blurred so as to obscure any other details which might be useful.

So anyway, I forged ahead, thinking I could sort it out from the inadequate photos and just plain intuition. I was wrong. It came out looking sad, pathetic, and awry in both senses of the word. So now I'm faced with trying to rip out all the seams, which I'm just too tired to risk taking on tonight. The good news is that even if the scissors slip and I have to reknit those four pieces frantically, I should be able to finish it on time without too much trouble.


Scott in Montreal said...

Hey Mel, you're from Kittery Point? My family used to vacation at the Birch Knoll Cabins near Ogunquit every year through my childhood. Driving from Sherbrooke, Quebec through upstate VT and NH, through the logging towns like Bethel and on down to Gray, then on the turnpike to Wells; that was what I took America to be defined as. Southern Maine is my second home. Is Brown's still the best ice cream? Have they been able to save Ogunquit from the rampant over-commercialization that was happening in the 90s? Man I miss it sometimes. That's one beautiful beach.

BTW - I'm a little late on the scene with your knitting story. Is this a sweater? I can knit but I've never tried anything that ambitious and these days I just don't have the time.

Celtic Knitter said...

Errr . . . I hate when things go awry. I tend to want to throw them across the room in a fit of anger. Yeah, or scissors will do too! Except I'd probably cut it into little pieces . . . hmmm, should I try anger management?

Sean said...

That stinks...sorry it didn't come out. I HATE taking out seams because I'm afraid of cutting stitches. Good luck and let us know how it comes out!