25 April 2006

More Dangerous Than France

Lately I've been thinking an inordinate amount about Onion Head Monster. I've been a fan for a number of years, since I lived in North Carolina when the artist, Paul Friedrich, was exhibiting fairly regularly at Lump. I even bought an Onion Head Monster painting for my cousin George one year (He loved it). I think having a monster of my own has been bringing back fond memories of Onion Head, so I just thought I'd share. His website also has some fun little animations here.

In Knitting News

I continue to work on the sweater sampler on my nights at home. I'm up to the raised stripes, so it's possible I might finish by the end of the week, but TSKP is about to take center stage even at home. I finished the last piece of TSKP last night at work, but the death and destruction closed in and I didn't have time to do more than that. On Wednesday, though, David is headed to a big alpaca show in Pennsylvania, which means I'll actually be able to work on TSKP both at work and here at home through the weekend. I have to have it finished by next Wednesday, which is his birthday and the day he leaves for yet another alpaca show in Denver. Dinner & birthday cake may have to wait until he's home, but I really want to have this project finished. I guess I'm going to have to get really good at seaming really fast.

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