12 April 2006

Heading Home

After a fairly restful weekend off, my busy work week started off with a bang. Last night kept me fairly busy until well after midnight, after which it slowed down enough to let me make some more progress on TSKP. I actually only have 4 pieces left to make, and then it'll be time to start seaming. Here's a pic of everything so far, which I think is nondescript enough so as not to totally give away what it's going to look like when finished.

David knows I'm making him something for his birthday and knows that it's not a sweater (mustn't tempt the curse), but that's all he knows so far. Only three more weeks until his birthday, but I should finish it handily by then.

My big accomplishment of the weekend was getting my taxes done. I had the fun of filing in two states, as well as having a bit of self-employment income to factor in, but I'm getting a hefty return back from the Feds. I also got a little back from each state, but donated those refunds to wildlife conservation & pet spay/neuter funds. Some of the fed refund will go into savings, which is a little depleted at the moment from having to pay local income taxes for the 5 months of last year I was living in Pittsburgh. The remainder will go towards paying down credit card debt - a task which is progressing nicely. I hope to get rid of a couple of credit accounts in the next month or two and have a couple others and my car loan paid off within the year. If I'm able to stick to the plan, I hope to be debt-free in the next 3-4 years.

Now, though, it's time to go home and sleep.


Deidre said...

Do you mean THE sweater curse, the one that breaks up a couple? If you do, I've beat it. Have made countless sweaters for my girl and still going strong... Looking forward to seeing the finished surprise.
Happy knitting.

Knittingboykit said...

will you post a pic of it when complete after D's birthday??? I' dyeing to see it =)