21 April 2006

The Monster Attacks!

So I've been working on Jacqueline Fee's sweater sampler and things have been going fairly well. When I decided to cast on, I couldn't find an appropriately-sized circular and decided to just do the whole thing on Brittany dpn's. So tonight I set it down briefly to look up something online and turned back around to see Tolo happily chewing on the tip of one of the needles, leaving it looking like this:

That little fucker.

This house does not have decent lighting to do macro photography, so the photo is only light enough thanks to Photoshop and doesn't even do the damage justice. It doesn't show where the needle's missing a chunk on the other side, and it can't give a real impression of just how wonky and in danger of falling off the tip is. This is going to require the Dremel, really fine sandpaper, and probably some clear nail polish. I have the first two, but rummaging around for power tools at 3AM when your partner's trying to sleep isn't exactly conducive to domestic bliss. So I soldiered on, wonky needle and all and managed to get to here:

And now the sky's starting to turn pink, so it's time for me to head to bed.


yarmando said...

What is it about Britannies? The set I picked up when you and I visited Quiltessentials got similarly mangled by my sister's cat.

Nik said...

I dread the day when my dog gets made at me and starts to eat up my knitting stuff. 'cause it's gonna happen one day:)