05 April 2006

Still Breathing

At the moment I have five different drugs in me to help settle down my cough enough so that I can hopefully get some sleep again tonight. And even with five drugs, every movement of air across my vocal cords is like fire. This is actually better than last night, believe it or not. I'm going through the codeine the doctor prescribed much faster than I'm supposed to, but it takes that and more just to cut down on the coughing jags and allow me to breathe relatively normally for a while. And to give my abs a rest. All things considered, I think there must be more pleasant ways of getting a six-pack.

David got home yesterday, but I slept last night and will sleep tonight in the guest room so that he can actually get some sleep himself. It's been a week now since we slept in the same bed, and as I'm back at work Wednesday night, it'll be at least a couple more. I'm just hoping that work isn't so busy, so that I'll have fewer clients to whisper to.

The last time I had the flu was 17 years ago, and I remember that I had a cough for 2 months afterwards. I think this time may be worse. I'm definitely getting the vaccine this fall.


Sean said...

Hey there...I'm finally catching my breath. I sorry you're not feeling well...it sucks being sick! I hope you feel better soon!


Knittingboykit said...

feel better!