13 April 2006

Books, Books, Books

One of my big goals over the past year or so has been to work on getting myself out of debt. The Village Knittiot recently wrote about this, and her experience has not been terribly dissimilar to my own, except that she's probably a bit more practiced than myself. David & I have both read Dave Ramsey's book, and though the evangelical stuff is a bit much for this committed heathen, the financial advice is pretty straightforward. We may not follow it down to the last jot and tittle, but we are careful about finances and I've been getting my debt levels down steadily, which is a very good feeling.

One credit card that I have and probably use more than any other, though, is an Amazon.com Visa. I actually try to avoid using it and am fairly successful, for the most part, but it is where automatic charges like my phone bill (Vonage - I've been very happy with them and it's very inexpensive) and gym membership go. The big attraction of this particular card is that I get kickback in the form of gift certificates to Amazon, which I know will get used - often very quickly. And yes, I know that it's better to go through independent booksellers (or directly from the publisher in the case of a lot of knitting books) and I will often do so, but if they won't take my gift certificate directly and their books are available through Amazon, then that's what I'm going to do.

In any event, I recently received a gift certificate from them, and while sorting through paperwork to do my taxes I found another I'd misplaced in last year's moves. So tomorrow I should be getting these two books:

And in a few weeks, I should be getting this book - Barbara Walker's First Treasury. I'm very excited.


Celtic Knitter said...

oh, getting out of debt! Yeah, um, well . . . I'll get to that.

Good luck with your quest! :)

Rachel said...

I have found the Jacqueline Fee book to be very useful when dreaming of sweaters. I think the Ann Budd is a good reference, but I find if you are really interested in doing something other than a few basic designs you'll need someone like Fee. (There is another book I am curious about as well by Maggie Righetti called "Sweater Design in Plain English.") And, of course, everyone needs a good stitch treasury and you can't go wrong with Barbara Walker.