20 February 2009

What I Need, Apparently

I think I've done this one before (though it's not coming up on a search), but Sean just did it, and it made me think maybe I should do it again to see if my needs have changed. You type in your name on Google, followed by the word "needs" and see what comes up. It appears that:

1. Mel needs a vacation. (Leaving for India in 12 days!)
2. Mel needs to lighten up.
3. Mel needs a home.
4. Mel needs to trade his Lexus in on a magic carpet. (Actually, I was passed on my way to work today by a Lexus SUV with dealer plates and noticed the sticker in the window. The gas mileage is only 14mpg city/18mpg hwy! Sweet FSM, how can anyone justify that?!)
5. Mel needs a laptop computer. (I only have three at the moment.)
6. Mel needs a big, wet, sloppy kiss.
7. Mel needs to focus on [him]self and heal.
8. Mel needs liability insurance.
9. Mel needs massage treatment for ice dance test. (How's about I get the massage and skip the ice dance test, whatever that is?)
10. Mel needs less passion for the spirit. (I didn't know that was possible.)


Anonymous said...

here are a few of mine.

Anne Marie needs a family who can provide a great deal of structure and individual attention, and who will not take the fluctuations in her moods personally. - oh yeah? fork you!

Anne Marie needs lots of patience. - I have plenty for knitting, none for everything else!

Anne Marie needs to get her ass kicked too! - you do and I'll give you such a PINCH!

Anne Marie’s hard work makes a difference. To continue to serve you, Anne Marie needs your support. - how about $10s and $20s?

LOL :-)

JelliDonut said...

Apparently I need love, money and sex. How about some yarn dammit!??!?! Oh, and chocolate. I'm still looking at your photo of the Valentine chocolates and it's making me crazy!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! ::scurries off to Google::

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Hmmmm... I wonder what Lisa needs? Maybe some of those chocolates! numm numm!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I won't do that again - Judi apparently needs heartworm medicine.

Anonymous said...

Mine weren't nearly as good as yours! Looks like I need "help going downhill", "consoling",
"about 40 calories a day" (talking about an adult robin bird), and "to get a clue". All pretty depressing!

Christine said...

OH! I'd forgotten all about that "Christine Needs" thing. Thanks for posting it again! :) I imagine your animals will volunteer for many wet, sloppy kisses. Good luck with the slick parking lot! UGH