21 February 2009

Don't You Just Love...

...a snow-bordered, wintry stream?


Except it's not a stream.

A water main broke this morning behind the L.L. Bean warehouse next door to the clinic. My tech discovered a raging river when she walked a dog outside at about 5:30. We called the non-emergency dispatch, fire crews were sent to survey the damage, and now the water utility has a crew working on the problem. This is our clinic parking lot, though:


I hope only sure-footed people wearing crampons (If ever there were a word screaming for redefinition....) come in today.


Lisa/knitnzu said...

Yikes! My brain was puzzled about that "stream" pic because of the trimmed shrub and piles of plowed snow... but then it made sense when you told us it's not a stream!

Yak Trax... I haven't used that C word in a long time!!

katrynka said...

At least the frozen flood gave you a chance to use the word crampons! Does not usually come up in ordinary conversation!

I have never even contemplated climbing a mountain, but I have read many books!

Did you see on the news a while back about the water main break we had in maryland where they had to literally rescue people stranded in several feet of water, in their cars!

Dawn Fortune said...

yikes! And it's a cold morning to be playing in the water. Stay warm and dry and safe, eh?

Chris said...

"Please bring your ice skates to your pet's appointment so you can traverse our parking lot."

Mini said...

Wow... well, if the leak came from LL Bean, the least they can do is teach you ice climb/crawl... whatever you will need to do in order to get across the parking lot. I forsee a lot of spread eagle pets in your future.

PS_ was intrigued by your Maine coon... I love these cats (more dog than cat) but have never had one that was indoor... do they work as indoor pets? they were always the barn cats at our house.

Anonymous said...

(everybody sing)

"crampon, crampoff, the cramper"

(the tune for "the clapper" light control device)