11 February 2009

Another Random Internet Find

I was doing a Google search for something very, very different - manual hair clippers for use in India, if you must know - and inexplicably got a link to this video on boob jobs breast augmentation from a plastic surgeon's office in Bangalore.

I'm not even going to get into the whole women-getting-themselves-carved-up-as-objects-for-male-consumption thing. Twisty does a much better job at that than I. What struck me was that the background music they chose was Abba - specifically, the song "I Have a Dream". Okay, you say dream, I say nightmare, but fair enough.

Except that the song ran out before the end of the video and it apparently flipped over automatically to the next track, which was "Fernando". Which, of course, made me wonder if they were thinking up new lyrics to it.

Can you see my boobs, Fernando?
I remember long ago you said they were mosquito bites.
Full of silicone, Fernando,
I can play them just like drums while you are strumming your guitar.
You can hear them from around the block, even sitting in your car.

Come on, everyone join in!


Rabbitch said...

They were swinging in the air that night,
To left and right, Fernando

Anonymous said...

And they gave my Mom a fright,
A ghastly sight, Fernando

tornwordo said...

Ouch!"women usually have an enormous amount of happiness following this procedure." Does pain equal happiness in India?

Unknown said...

I love the narration..."you can enhance your career opportunities through breast augmentation"...sometimes I just hate men.

Luuworld said...

that fernando bit at the end made me laugh :-D

Anonymous said...

as a woman who is naturally big busted (no silicone in MY girls!), this video makes me wanna hurl!

straight men never seem to admire a woman for her mind, only for her boobs and butt.

(sighs loudly)

PS - oh fork, my word is "supple"...like my girls...

PPS- I hate abba!

Love This Space said...

"It always improves their lives and improves their success in their professional lives."

Why do they even bother with all that? It is enough just to say, "you will have bigger boobs and a curvier silhouette." That would probably be enough for those considering enhancement.

FiberQat said...

Bring back the dog guts and fox poo!

My verification word is "haped", like "I haped to go in and got my boobs done, but I really wanted liposuction."

Andreapgn said...

Hilarious. Maybe we were missing the point completely, uh?

Anonymous said...

I prefer traveling pushups, thanks.

Of course, I'm not flat-chested.
But I would like to avoid a rendez-vous between tits and knees.

Why, oh why, did I marry a leg man? A leg man who knows all the words to Fernando, no less....

Lisa/knitnzu said...

"Improves the woman's personality" and "allows them to please their husbands more" just is too Stepford Wives! I'm like Anne Marie, and have spent much of my life trying to minimize them via clothing, good underwear, etc. If my personality was different, I suppose I could have taken some advantage of them... Here's what my auntie said when I was 13 or so

take those socks out of your bra Fernando.


Come nestle your head Fernando
string your pearls for me Fernando

oops, sorry! getting carried away...