17 April 2008

Bullet Post

I am so totally stealing this from Annie, but it's technically not Wednesday anymore. I don't intend to make this a regular feature; I'm just too tired tonight to string more than a couple of sentences together coherently.

  • I don't think I mentioned the Easter card David's parents sent us.

  • It contained a photocopy of the first chapter of Romans, you can read the highlighted verses here.

  • His mother also wrote a little note saying that our wedding would be "like a funeral" to them.

  • We felt very loved. Um, wait, no...the other thing.

  • She called this afternoon. David didn't answer. She left a very cheery message on the machine, though (no, srsly, like she hadn't practically called us devil spawn a few weeks ago). She and David's father will be en route to Washington State soon for David's older nephew's confirmation.

  • I suggested we send the boy a copy of the Tao Te Ching or the Dhammapada to mark the occasion. David suggested The Gay Guide to the USA

  • Apparently, the boy takes after his Uncle David more than anyone cares to admit.

  • *sigh* It's rather a bit frustrating.

  • Also today, I stopped on the way home to vaccinate a few puppies, then came home and vaccinated a few juvenile alpacas, and then had to do surgery on one of the ducks. The old male goose pecked her eye out, and I had to remove it the rest of the way. There are no photos.

  • You're welcome.

  • As you might imagine, this meant that I did not get much sleep.

  • On a cheerier note, one of my clumps of species tulips opened today. I shall try to get a photo before they wilt.

  • I also opened most of the storm windows in the upstairs today. It's getting warm.

  • It may sound trite, but I love spring.

  • For dinner, we had leftover peanut curried tofu and veggies. We also watched another bad karate flick.

  • In the past year, I've taken 5 days off (none of them, I don't think, just to be idle and rest) but worked an extra 15 or 16 shifts. I really need a vacation.

  • I expect Steph will also be mentioning this, but I'm willing to bet she's sleeping just about now, so I'm going to tell you first that today is Juno's birthday. Juno is one of those people I always enjoy being around, and she's a hell of a good Scrabble player (I'm pretty sure I won't recover from "monoacid".)

  • I'm pretty sure there was something else, mostly because there's always something else, but it's tired and I'm late I need some sleep. G'night, all.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mel, I'm so sorry you and David have to deal with such hateful people! Especially since they are the same people who are supposed to love David unconditionally! They should be happy that he is happy. Shame on them.

I hope you get a chance to get some rest today.

Carole Knits said...

I'm sure you already know this but David's parent's issues are THEIR issues and honestly have nothing to do with you guys. It must be really hard to deal with but I hope you can find peace through ignoring them.

Carol said...

I really, really wish I was David's mom, just for a little while, so I could give you a huge hug and tell you how thrilled I am that my beloved son had found such a special soulmate, and welcome to the family, and how wonderful it was to have another son, a creative, kind, intelligent and caring son.

That is the reaction you deserve and your wedding should be met with the utmost joy.

Is it possible to buy someone a membership to PFLAG?

Mini said...

Hmm. A funeral, eh? I personally cannot wait to see your wedding photos (you and David make an adorable couple) and I am sure that you will have many many years together. Living in a state that allows gay marriage, I never understood the opposition to it. Let people be. My SO says I am blessed b/c I just don't understand hatred; he claims it's my best quality. I'm sorry you're swamped with work and I am sorry you got a mean Easter card (not really the sentiment of the season).

Anonymous said...

Commiserations about the easter card. I hope they have the decency not to attend the wedding. Or you have the courage not to invite them.

The goose thing sounds a bit gross.

Anonymous said...

You're not kidding about the scrabble. I don't think she's had one play for less than 30 points! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

David's parents are a bit like the old goose. They're trying to peck your eyes out.

vuboq said...

*oog* Sorry about the future Monster-in-Law, but YAY! it's Spring! *w00t!*

Anonymous said...

If you're planning a reception, I'd seat them by the kitchen. You can tell them it's Righteous Section. Then don't put anyone else at their table...

oh wait. That would be petty, wouldn't it?

Liz in NoWhere PA

Juno said...

I'm telling you that it was a fluke of the tiles. Once you've got mono and most of acid staring at you.....

And thank you! Was lovely to wake up to greeting.

Anonymous said...

david's parents must have plenty of hate in their hearts. sorry to hear that they cannot love both of you (and yet they claim to be "christians").

thank you for not showing surgery photos (ick).

spring has indeed sprung in philly, and with it all my allergies (ahhhhh-chooooo!)

take comfort that there are many people who support you and david, and to hell with his parents!

Anonymous said...

I guess sending David's parents writings by biblical scholars about the possibily of Paul being a homosexual is out of the question.

Anonymous said...

A "funeral?!!!"

I feel sick.

Or maybe that's just from the pecking-the-eye-out story.

No, no, it's definitely the "funeral" thing.

Laurel said...

Good grief, what is wrong with people? Why can't they be happy when people are in love? And, please, get some rest... I enjoy your blog and you seem like a very good person, so I would be upset if you had to stop writing because you went insane because you work too much.

Anonymous said...

Hee-hee... you wrote, "We felt very loved. Um, wait, no...the other thing." Made me chuckle - very Joss Whedon of you! Family stuff is never easy - hope the parents will find it in their hearts to be happy for you both in the end! Your day sounds like mine - evaluated 10 dogs at a large pound in NJ, pulled 4 of them, got them their vaccinations & microchips, Clavamox for kennel cough, got them settled at the shelter and cleaned kennels, then cleaned the dog puke out of the back seat of my car... The work is never done when your life is filled with animals! Wouldn't have it any other way!

FiberQat said...

That was cruel. I'm sorry that David had to get that. I wouldn't answer the phone either.

Diane in Chico said...

Santimonious, now there's a timely word, and it's good for scrabble too.

I'm sure your souls are in a good place. The rest is just noise.

Anonymous said...

Could you sic that nasty old goose on David's parents? Oh, wait - nevermind, they'd probably get on like a house afire.

Sheepish Annie said...

How sad that David's parents can't find the joy here. I can't imagine not having the support of my parents in any aspect of my life, but especially my wedding. It's their loss...but that doesn't make you guys feel any better, I would imagine. Hang in there!

And enjoy some well-deserved rest!

Molly Bee said...

Don't pay 'em no never mind, Mel. You two were meant to be. It's too bad that they have to miss out on what a wonderful pair you are. Their choice. Don't let them ruin your special day or your lives.

PS-Watched Sliver and LOVED IT! Course Cap'n Mal could just sit and look at the camera for an hour and I'd watch!

knitnzu said...

So sorry guys! You sure can't pick your family, eh? I love the suggestions in your comments.. do them all! My mom, a born again christian, will tell people in her church that get all anti-gay that they are NOT being very christian (my brother is gay). I wish David's parents could learn that you love your children for who they are rather than what you want them to be. Our family would be thrilled if bro had somebody he wanted to spend his life with. I think off the rack is fine. You can always do some custom tailoring/ alterations/ decorations to spiff it up. And maybe you could have one thing that is 'matchy', oh, I don't know, like what? socks? shoes? hankies? hats? boxers? Maybe I'll save my old Jackie Chan videos for you... but do you have a vcr??

Anonymous said...

That's not an Easter card, that's hate mail.


We'll remember we all love you boys, you getting married kicks ass.

So there.

knittingboykit said...

i think David's parents missed the point about Easter. but it still makes me really, really mad! and so what texillian said! yeah. Cause Paul was also just TOTALLY sour grapes.