27 April 2008

Weekend Wrapup

This week was supposed to be my week off, but when I commented last Monday at work about how ready I was to have the next several days off, our head tech reminded me that I'd agreed to fill in on Wednesday night. So my eagerly awaited 5 days off was shrunk down to 3 days. As I've recently mentioned, I really need a vacation, so this was not a very happy realization. Still, I had agreed to work the shift and it's always good to have a little extra income to pay down debt.

Wednesday night went pretty well, though, and I made the most of those 3 days - or at least the first two of them. On Thursday morning, I did my first workout at the gym around the corner from work and was suitably pleased. I also made an appointment for my first massage in 2½ years on Monday (which I am soooooooo looking forward to). Then I came home, got a few hours' sleep, then got up and went to get my hair cut at the Aveda salon in Portsmouth. I've been there a few times now, and I think I'm done with SuperCuts forever.

On Friday, my big project was this:


I've been wanting to put in raised beds pretty much since I moved in here, and I finally got out the power tools and made it happen. I made them with very simple frames of wood/plastic composite decking stacked two high. I couldn't come up with a really good way of connecting the stacked frames, but I decided that I actually prefer them not attached to each other, as they'll be easier to disassemble and move if/when it becomes necessary. I just drove plain wood garden stakes in around the inside to help hold them in place and then filled them lasagna-style, à la Norma.

Of course, not having bags of leaves or newspapers at my disposal, I got a roll of thick paper and a couple bags of peat at Homo Depot when I got the decking and layered that with some of the mulch we had delivered this week and some composted 'paca poop (of course). I just ordered materials to set up a drip irrigation system and now I just need plants. Some seeds are on order from Fedco and I've put in a request for my mom to pick me up some more at Johnny's, which is right in my parents' town, but I plan on hitting Portsmouth Farmer's Market for the first day of the season next Saturday.

As for today, it was spent trying to recuperate from everything I did the previous two days. And addressing wedding invites.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you really got a lot done in two days! I had 5 days off and didn't get a single thing done.

Paul said...

The raised beds look terrific! Vegetables, flowers, or both?

Sheepish Annie said...

It is always so interesting to me that I must rest after having had "days off." How is it that I need to recuperate from a vacation?????

The beds look great!

Anonymous said...

massage = good

Will you plant the beds using Mel Bartholomew's "Square Foot Gardening" approach?


Have you bought seeds from Cook's Garden? The mesclun mixes are very good.


And the cosmos mix was also nice, if you like cosmos. //sigh// I used to sit up in bed and read that catalog. It was ornamented with woodcut prints by Mary Azarian.

I miss my garden.

knittingboykit said...

I think I have the square foot book if you want to use it.

Oxfords or buckles. no slip on w/kilt!

are y'all registered anywhere??