16 November 2007

Revenge of The Crud, or Snot Pwns Me

There are few things that feel worse than waking up because you're choking on your own snot. Especially when you have a serious suffocation/drowning phobia. The Crud decided I was getting a bit too blithe about it's presence, and decided to smack the living shit out of me on Tuesday (causing me to give Chicks with Sticks a miss). This was, of course, the day after David left for a week-long trip to Peru to meet with suppliers and deal with some production issues (Yes, I realize that could sound bad out of context, but we all know better). He now thinks I get sick every time he leaves town.

Of course, the downside to being essential personnel at work is that I can't really stay home while I get over this. So I've been spending my off days sleeping, knitting, watching videos and eating comfort food, and then I come to work and get by with help from Theraflu and Airborne. It is starting to get better, but this whole choking-on-snot thing definitely cut into my sleep last night. I at least got some minor compensation in the form of this sky on my way to work this evening:


I don't think the camera quite caught the subtle play of light off of these clouds, but it was pretty striking against the overcast backdrop.

As promised, I did also get a progress shot on the BSJ. I've finished the decreases that make the sleeve and have started the increases to make the body/front. I folded it up to show how it will look when finished, and I think the colors rendered pretty true in this shot (yes, it's on a pink tabletop).



knitnzu said...

I like the colors in that sweater very much! So, you're the doc... do vaporizors help you? I take steamy showers while I work on some sinus acupressure points. I like celestial seasonings' echinacea complete care tea, and sometimes I even stick my head under a towel over a steamy pan with mint and sometimes also eucalyptus in it. Does wonders for the skin too! Feel better. No fun for sure about Sid, but given that Ginny was widowed just 3 months ago, we're both so relieved he's alive.

FiberQat said...

Nocturnal snot drowning is no fun. Sending cybersoup your way.

Anonymous said...

Lovely BSJ.

Um...yea...that choking on snot thing...knitnzu has really good idea about keeping hydrated. A pharmacist told me that water was the best expectorant around (you drink it to keep stuff loose) and it's much cheaper than cough syrup.

Hope you're well soon.

yarnslinger said...

OK, I'll bite - what does BSJ stand for? It's gorgeous by the way...
I hope you feel better soon - I'd bring you chicken soup (I just made some last weekend and froze some) if I was heading up there...hugs!!

Anonymous said...

There is a really good post in Norma's archive somewhere about dealing with sinus things. but that hot water in a bowl with a towel over your head works a treat. We have put Olbas Oil (a few drops) in the water; my f-i-l puts menthol crystals (go easy on those, they are powerful; he gets them from the drugstore).

I also got a thing from Body Shop (though i'm sure you can get them elsewhere) for aromatherapy oils. It has a card to put drops of oil on and then you plug it in and that provides enough heat to diffuse the oil. Lavender is good for both clearing the sinuses and helping you sleep. Might help you sleep better. Alternatively, put a bit of lavender oil on the pillowcase.

Sean said...

sorry your feeling snotty. never fun. Hope you feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the crud. But maybe Mike should see it as a good sign that you are sick when he is not around? No?

BSJ is looking good.