26 November 2007

FN(early): BSJ

I figured FN comes just before FO. The BSJ still needs to be seamed and needs buttons, but it's off the needles.


You can see the transition from original brown to my dye job near the bottom. If it were in the middle of a typical pullover, this would not work at all, but since the BSJ is supposed to look a bit scrappy and modular, it works great. I should be able to get the rest done during my off week and get this headed to Afghanistan.

Assticle Answers

Ted - Yes, indeed, there are canine and feline blood banks where we can purchase blood in the event a transfusion is necessary. We try to have some on hand at all times because we do see bleeding tumors (thought generally not Assticles) and other disorders quite frequently. In this case, however, the expense of a transfusion would have likely been a life or death matter for the dog, as even proceeding with the surgery required some discussion.

JJ - My suspicion is that the mass is a liposarcoma, and I'm by no means convinced my excision was complete (though I did get out all the necrotic crap). I had the owners take it to their regular veterinarian to have it sent out, though, because of the aforementioned cost concerns. The other lipoma, which is almost certainly benign, actually does cause some mobility issues for the dog, but as I said, it wasn't bleeding, and the dog still wags her tail and is perfectly happy to hobble along. I still think she'd be happier if she didn't have it, but sometimes we have to settle for good enough.

I don't use Fluorofil very often, usually preferring PDS, though they handle somewhat similarly. I let the techs vote on this one, though I think the PDS would have shown up better. I don't do very much oral work, but I did have to repair a lower lip avulsion in a silky terrier last weekend. Used 4-0 PDS, after extracting all the nasty lower incisors - they needed to come out anyway, and removing them made my job much easier.


Anonymous said...

BSJ looks great. What kind of buttons are you going to use for the sweater? Toggles might be nice.

FiberQat said...

Beautiful sweater. The color change is very subtle.

Nice finishing on Pupdog too.

Sheepish Annie said...

A cute little sweater and Assticle Answers...now that's what I call a Complete Post!

knitnzu said...

I think the BSJ looks great too, and that the color change is fine, especially as you noted that it is a modular construction. I just learned about dog blood types (after Sid's mishap)...18, is that right??? so, not knowing his status, I called the vet's office and offered up his sisters, as well as his mother, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather as potential donors. Luckily their services weren't needed. My neice has some 'unhealthy' tissue in her ear, and the doc has indicated it is indeed necrotic. My bro is resistant to the kid getting yet more surgery, but I tell his wife unhealthy likely = necrotic, which if untreated can = gangrene, treatment of which is amputation, and you don't want to amputate the kid's head! (or ear)